Most powerful letters

Everytime you see the logo, you automatically claim the most powerful sentence of every conscious being, while pronouncing the two letters „I“ and „M“ - „I am“. That´s why I chose this logo!

Why are these letters so powerful? Because everytime you are saying „I am“ you give yourself a characteristic or bring yourself in context to a situation which is „part“ of your identity (at this time or everytime)!

As it is my passion (or purpose of this store) to strengthen your identity, I have the vision that everytime you shop here, your identity gets the encouraging push it needs to fulfill your purpose in the end - I AM ... Always remind yourself before, how you close the sentence - or with which „words“ ;-)

Why "identitymine" for my store?

Why did I choose this name for my online store?

At first it had to fit with my niche or the products I like to sell in general of course. Secondly there is the „hidden magic“ by pronouncing the letters „I“ and „M“ - and this is even twofold: Think of it when ever you pronouncing the brand you are stating one of the essential truths in this world for yourself: I AM!

I chose „identitymine“ because it emphasises the meaning of „identity“ and how important it is to all living and conscoius beings to have an identity and - more importantly - to be constantly and persistently aware of it.

„identitymine“ causes (or should cause) a feeling of „intimidation“ and „selfownership“ which is essential in our time not to forget about - and I am glad if this feeling got strenghtend when purchasing in my store!

And thirdly, the name itself has to do with my own "identity" (or purpose to be precise).

Instead of „relying“ on the „fears“ or „problems“ of my fellow human beings and potential customers and strenghtening them by „feeding“ them, my purpose with this store is to strenghten (your) LOVE, CONFIDENCE and VISION (allowing yourself to believe in „new things“)

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