The future of work (and why there will be no “work” in the future)

The future of work (and why there will be no “work” in the future)

Our world has always changed and with it the systems (man-made environmental and boundary conditions) in which we spend most of our lives. Even today, we are again faced with such a systemic change – a change that affects, among other things, our economy and, as such, the way we “work” and “earn” in the future.

In the near future, there will only be people who will initiate projects (no matter what kind – see below) and “co-initiate” people who help realize those projects. I call the first group “pro-initiators” and the second “co-initiators” – but they are both “entrepreneurs” ;-).

However, it will be decisive that they do something only if they “love” it (willing to spend their lifetime freely and without compulsion). Consequently, they will no longer consider these future activities as “work”, but as – well, here I still lack the appropriate term πŸ™‚

The role of the people within this new economic system will not be permanent: the “new human” in this new world of work will be both pro-initiator and co-initiator, he will be both the consumer of a (newly) initiated project and Producer of another – at the same time! In this sense, the new terminus of the “prosumer” has already been mentioned in order to clearly define the new role of the people in the new economic system. In the future (and some people are already today) we are all prosumers!

Automation and digitalization are the nails to the coffin …

What are the driving catalysts for this system transformation that “force” people to rethink and determine their role in the system?

It is now fact that a job, which is lifelong (up to pension) exercised, no longer exists. While some people (mostly the older ones) consider this questionable, I do not see it that way from the point of view of every single person. In fact I believe this will help humankind to grow up and achieve an adult consciousness …

A job that is performed by a human being for a lifetime carries the risk of becoming routine, developing boredom, stifling our creativity and imagination, and, in general, finding new ways and ways we (still) could act to hold. How many times have you had “no time”?

Why will there not be any longer any “long-life jobs” in the future as we know them today? Because there will be more and more automation and digitization in the economy and robots and computers are better adapted to carry out routine activities “for a lifetime” than we humans πŸ˜‰ Automation and digitization is an “energy” that currently flows through the system, reach all who are in the system and change it.

We are natural beings and as such we have learned to adapt to changes in our (natural) environment, to redefine our roles. If we do not, we die πŸ˜‰

Even today, many people are talking about digitization and automation and what (bad) changes it will bring in the future when robots and computers (especially blockchain technology) fill out more and more roles in the various “subsystems” of the (global) economic system. In this context, the term “Industry 4.0” is often called.

It is now these systemic changes – initiated (whether “wanted” or not) by the real decision makers in the system – which “force” us to adapt. Take, for example, the changes that accompanied the first industrial revolution to get an idea of ​​these systemic changes.

One of these adaptations will be that we humans will look for alternative ways to be in work – simply because we will no longer have the opportunity in the system to do it the way we are used to. Those who do it will “survive” in the system, and those who do it on time and quickly will decide in this new system in the future.

It is my belief that the best of these alternatives lies in being an online entrepreneur, and that the greatest opportunities for pro-initiating and co-initiating are in the digital future. To make this clearer, I show you one of my usual phil sovereign visions.

Today a pro-initiator, tomorrow a co-initiator

Michael is sufficiently secured through his membership in the natural economy of life community to ensure his very existence (hence the traditional greeting “Thank you so much, you are with us!”). Nevertheless, because he is a creative person, he wants to be active within the community!

For some time now, he has had an idea for his community that could help them maintain their system. Michael presents his idea in the forum of the community and co-initiators quickly find themselves, who want to support him in the realization of his idea.

A crowdfunding within the community is initiated, whose funds are used exclusively for the realization of the project. As a pro-initiator, Michael will also manage the project management and receive funds from the crowdfunding.

Since his very existence is assured by his membership, Michael has resources at his free disposal. Michael wants to use these “surpluses” to co-initiate a project of one of the other community members. As a co-initiator, Michael’s talent as a video creator is in demand – something that Michael, in addition to project management, also has a lot of fun with. Since Michael – as a co-initiator – in turn receives funds from another crowdfunding, he considers whether he may not yet initiate another project …

I am convinced that you have now become much clearer and now you can imagine what it would be like to be able to work in this new economic system and that you therefore no longer have to fear (or worry) about the future. “Work,” as we know it today, will “die out,” but it will be much more meaningful to you.

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