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Have you ever (or often?) been in the situation that a conversation is completely different than you imagined, that you are "suddenly" terribly bored, that you really wanted to communicate and not just (small)talk? That the conversation lacks this real verbal exchange, in which both (or ideally all) participants of the exchange benefit from this conversation and leave the round with a "good feeling"? I have and it really disturbed me. I'm not saying that communication should be free of conflict and everyone should have an "equal opinion" etc.; no, the "common" one I am talking about is the "state of consciousness", which differs only by degrees for the individual participants, rather than by levels! Consequently, communication also has to do with the evolution of the participants' individual consciousness. There is therefore an essential difference between the so-called small talk and communication, which in my opinion prevents us from growing and maturing consciously. That's how I got this identity phrase! Does it suit you?

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